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Hi, we’re Isabella and Konstantin,

Together we co-founded Hybrid with a vision of providing full-spectrum digital design services to businesses in Kampala. Isabella’s a designer, Kostya’s a front-end developer. Both curious learners by nature we decided to take nearly a decade of experience building brands and digital products and channel that into founding a full-spectrum digital design agency. We’ve worked with a wide range of clients for over 8 years. In January 2019, we decided to turn our dream into a reality and we registered our design agency in Kampala.

At Hybrid, we focus on building a close-knit team of truly expert designers and developers. A team with a good balance of humility and relentless curiosity to help you solve even your most complex business challenges and take you to the nest level digitally.

We would love to hear from you and work together!


Isabella and Konstantin.

Hybrid is a multidisciplinary design company based in Kampala. We create positive impact through design.

We solve complex challenges at the intersection of brand, user experience and business

We are a team of designers, developers and business consultants solving a range of unique challenges for start ups and enterprises, with the aim of achieving measurable growth. As thinkers and makers, we aim to get things done, rather than get stuck in analysis and the what if speculations. We embrace trial and error as a method of moving forward and making real impact.

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We are one team with our clients. We build, measure and iterate.

Our approach is tailored by our experience, successes and challenges working with small and medium businesses. It is focused on co-design, a tailor-made approach because each project is as unique as the client, and of course user-engagement. Our approach is evolutionary; rather than delivering one monolithic result, we provide support and act as the guiding co-pilot to our clients at every stage of their growth and transformation.


We build brands from the ground up! Co-creating with our clients from the foundations of brand identity to the path of articulating vision and values and managing brands for long-term growth. We have over 7 years experience working with both start-ups and enterprises.

UX, UI Design

Great User Experiences focus on people and so do we!
Users are real people with real needs and desires. By using a human-centered co-design approach, we are able to create genuinely usable products/services that match the user's unique behavior and needs.


Every brand needs business support. Effective brand management focuses on continual learning and adapting to consumer patterns and behavior, rather than delivering a monolithic product/event. The result can take various shape or form: from an evolving suite of digital assets to new products and more.

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