I was the lead visual UX/UI designer for Metajua’s agri-supply chain traceability web application, marketing website and brand identity.

Metajua web application is a simple and cost effective digital platform for agri supply chain traceability. It replaces paper forms, receipts and outdated reporting tools in Africa where thousands of small holder farmers make up supply chains. Metajua combines decades of experience with both farmer cooperatives and large trade supply chains with the latest mobile app & cloud based technology – Metajua Web Application.

Metajua agree supply chain web app design

Web Application

The web application is a cloud based tool for agri-business organisations to trace real-time the activity in the field and gain visibility of the different stages of the supply chain. From collecting field data, displaying and monitoring it in real-time and analyzing data. User had visibility on different aspects of the supply chain and field activity – farmer management, training management, monitoring performance, transportation, mapping organisation assets and more. The UI design focussed on delivering a seamless navigation, intuitive screens and delightful experience in an industry that is mainly conservative and uses outdated methods and tools for reporting.

Metajua Web Application UX/UI
Metajua eb application wireframes
Metajua web app UX/UI design
Metajua web application UX/UI design
Metajua web application UX/UI design

Mobile Application

The android mobile application is used by the field staff to collect and input field data that is predetermined by the administrator – such as registration of farmer data. The interface design focussed in a simple and intuitive design, a robust color palette to make the daily tasks more engaging and delightful to complete.

Metajua mobile application
Metajua mobile application wireframes
Metajua mobile app UX/UI design
Metajua mobile app UX/UI design

The Insight: Understanding The Unique End User.

We visited farms and co-operatives around Uganda and interviewed different stakeholders (administrators, farmers and various workers) to understand process, literacy, visual recognition, challenges and what they felt was needed most from this solution. Funnelling the findings into the design process helped make informed design decisions.

User research

Brand Identity and Marketing Collateral

From the onset we wanted to design a brand identity that is exciting and pleasant to use. We also wanted to reflect that it is an African brand in a market dominated by western Saas products in agriculture. This is a product designed by experts in Africa with decades of experience and for Africans. So the brand needed to portray a sleek and modern, yet robust and exciting visual identity. And in an industry that is very traditional and outdated, it needed to be pleasurable to use for day to day tasks.

Metajua website design and development
Marketing t-shirt design
Marketing t-shirt design
Brochure marketing material design
Brochure marketing material design

What the Client Says

The team at Hybrid, led by Isabella Tustanovska is very creative, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Their design process is inclusive, focussed on co-creation and designing for the needs of the end user, all whilst considering the technical constraints of software development and working in close collaboration with our developers. They produced all major deliverables effectively and efficiently.

They truly transformed our brand and the web and mobile application to a user friendly and intuitive product that is relevant to and loved by our users in the Agri-sector. We have an active collaboration with Hybrid, and I highly recommend them for any of your strategic design needs.

Charles Angebault, Managing Director, Metajua (U) Ltd.