Transforming An existing Brand Identity

As in-house design and marketing lead (2017- 2019) and agency provider (2019-2020), I led the brand identity design, user experience and marketing strategy for KEA and its 3 subsidiaries – FlyUganda, Pangea Aviation Academy and Priority Air Ambulance for digital and print products.

My core task was to design cohesive and consistent brand identities and apply these across platforms in form of effective marketing design.

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Brand Identity Design
Aviation Company Brand Identity

Establishing Brand Clarity

In March 2017 KEA decided to leverage design and inbound marketing to build brand awareness and engage with its target consumers. The company had been serving a variety of clients in various sectors with their broad range of aviation services. Together we set out to build a marketing and user experience strategy and eliminate any brand confusion arising from serving two very different demographics at the time.

The first step was to clearly define and differentiate the target segments for each service area and separate the service offerings into 2 brands – KEA for contract corporate aviation, FlyUganda for Tourism aviation.

In this project I focus on KEA, the corporate contract aviation brand of the business.

Brand Identity

How the Target Consumer Informed the Brand Identity

  • The target consumer defined is a B2B aviation industry client in the oil, gas and energy sector, Humanitarian agencies and government bodies.
  • In the redesigned brand identity I retained the logo but updated the tagline to state the core business.
  • I evolved the existing colour palette – adjusting the original light forest green to a zestier lime tone and incorporated a balanced use of grey and white into the profile. This gave an overall modern look.
  • I designed the style guide documenting all graphic elements, colour palettes, visual language, typefaces and image style as well as tone of voice and brand personas.

Lime Green: Confidence, high-energy, creativity, positivity.

Charcoal Grey: Timeless, practical, strong. (Offers great contrast and balance of formality to lime green).

White: Clean and makes bold contrasts with green and grey standing out better against white.

Content Strategy

How would we reach the target consumer effectively? In a business where relationships rely heavily on personal relations and networking, we needed to pick our design and communications strategy carefully. We stayed away from flashy advertising campaigns and ‘sales’ language and self-promotion.

Instead we focused on curating quality editorial content from the field that would build trust and credibility. We went for a formal and knowledgeable tone of voice and a clean yet energetic look and feel.

User Experience and Marketing Strategy

Understanding How Visual Design Makes Impact In This Industry

The marketing design strategy focussed on building brand awareness by designing stunning corporate collaterals, presentation templates, maintaining a high quality and engaging responsive website and staying active on our social media platforms.

From powerpoint pitch decks, magazine editorials, event banners and brochures, we have kept on telling the brand story in a consistent way.

Focus on Industry Insight, rather than sales pitch
Document Action in the Field, rather than polished adverts
Focus on Building Quality Relationships Offline and Online
Treat Target Segments as Unique

Connecting the dots to provide a meaningful user experience to consumers.

I aimed at creating a closed loop for all our efforts; from design, social media, marketing material, website. So that they all feed into one central CRM system and no leads fall between the cracks. All the leads are funnelled into the Customer Relationship Management software from which marketing and distribution is planned through the various platforms.

Website Design

The responsive website has been central to the content distribution strategy through posting news updates and planning for blog content.

I designed the full layout and architecture of the site within the brand style guidelines.

HubSpot CRM to manage our Target Segments.

To make sure that we always have a closed loop and no leads are falling through the cracks, Hub Spot CRM houses contact information from both online and offline sources to help optimise the marketing effort.

Social Media Management


The social media strategy for the aviation client industry focusses on the following:

  • Building brand awareness for a fairly niche service
  • Attracting the right B2B target market and keeping filtered list of social media followers who fit the brand personas
  • Building credibility, trust and B2B engagement as the industry leader
  • 2-platform strategy – LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Sharing compelling visual content generated directly from the field of work

Strategy and tactics:

  • Developed consistent social media content and posting schedule focused on driving key messaging.
  • Focussed on high quality editorial style images from the field to tell the brand story and share day to day operations and updates.
  • Actively monitored social media accounts for brand engagement, conversation, and mentions.
  • Ensured as many B2B contacts from the CRM as possible were engaging on social media especially on LinkedIn.
  • Used social media to drive traffic to the website through a complete loop of content shared from the website to the social pages.

Website Analytics to improve User experience.

I use Google analytics to monitor user engagement with the website. To some extent it’s been possible to measure the design performance, and influence design and content decisions.

The Results

  • Over the past two years we have seen growing awareness and engagement from consumers on social media, web enquiries, newsletter sign ups, and phone enquiries.
  • We have been able to get visibility of client engagement through the CRM and nurture leads into customers.
  • Over all brand clarity and recognition has improved as we continue to position KEA as a global specialist aviation solutions provider to major industries.

What the Client Says

Isabella was originally contracted to provide web design and brand modernisation services, but quickly became part of our marketing efforts on a much broader level. She integrated seamlessly into our commercial department and quickly started to identify and strengthen our areas of weakness to boost our overall market image and presence. Some example of the projects completed during our time together with her are as follows: Website design and implementation,Website management, Corporate and marketing materials, Social media, Subsidiary naming and branding, Customer Relationship management program implementation (Hubspot). Isabella always guided these processes in an independent but inclusive manner and could not fail to bring an atmosphere of creativity in and structured manner to our commercial department. KEA highly recommends Isabella without hesitation or condition.


Philip Gill, Co-Founder and Ceo

Kampala Executive Aviation (KEA)

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