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Chris Austria

2019 – 2020

  • Web design
  • UX/UI

Chris Austria is a brand focusing on a variety of services. We dived deep into crafting seamless experiences and stunning UI’s for his 2 business websites.

We worked with this small business to conceptualise a smooth and seamless web experience for target customers. We focused on crafting one cohesive brand story around his broad service offering. One that clearly conveys everything the brand offers while providing clear paths to different users’ areas of interest.

A Minimalist Approach.

How do you take a lot of content and various parts of a brand and combine this into one clear brand story? How do you separate yet keep them as a unit under one brand? This was the challenge before us. Chris is a multi-talented individual with many passions that he has turned into a livelihood for himself and his team in Uganda. Our challenge was to craft and tell his brand story in all it’s richness, through a simple and crisp web experience.

Chris Austria Web Design

Capturing the Client’s Spirit and Aesthetic.

We combined our knowledge and brand development blueprint with Chris’ vision and personal style to build pristine visual scapes, paying sharp attention to detail when it came to typeface selection, colour balance and application and fearless use of whitespace and asymmetrical grids.

Several Paths, One User Journey.

The finished website is crisp and easy to navigate. Behind the scenes it involved a lot of understanding on how to bring the many different moving parts of Chris’ story into one whole. We tested various design approaches in terms of architecture and layout. We co-designed closely with the client to arrive at a winning design solution.

Chris Austria User Experience

Tying It All Together With Growth-focussed Marketing.

Great brands do not live in a vacuum and the brand development process is evolutionary. While the service will officially launch in mid 2020, we are working to create a seamless user experience across all platforms. Visualising service blueprints, customer journeys to reveal key user touchpoints. And setting out to optimize the experience in those areas. These include social media, online environments and physical platforms. As the brand grows, I continue to provide this support until the service fully launches in 2020.

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