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For the past 5 years I have worked with the founders of Nyege Nyege Music Festival to design and maintain their responsive website. This time of year is exciting as we seek out new inspiration and dive deep into exploring new ideas and rapid co-design with the team. Each year comes with a new look and feel yet keeping some element of consistency. This evolutionary approach allows for a fresh experience to audiences each year.

The East African Party Experience

Nyege Nyege festival has grown to be the event of the year in Uganda in a short 5 years. It’s also gained global recognition and attracts thousands of travellers from around the globe for the 3-day event. The website is a key marketing and communication platform and every year audiences wait eagerly for the new lineup and experience to be unveiled.

Every year is a new experience. With the festival theme evolving and requiring the website to evolve with it. Africa – Energy – Freedom – Boldness. These are the key associations and drivers for the visual language and the website UX and UI design as it evolves every year.

I work with the Nyege Nyege team and our in-house web developer to capture the spirit of the festival in the UX and UI through bold typography and colour and graphic elements that bring this website to life.

Nyege Nyege music festival website design

Co-creation with the Client

Our design process focusses on co-design with the client to capture the essence of the festival for that year. We uncover new ideas for a striking design during these sessions.

I have strived to maintain consistency of the brand in the midst of frequently changing the design expression. Maintaining brand recognition is as vital to me as building the cutomer’s anticipation and curiosity of  what’s coming next?

Close To African Heritage

While I would not claim that we have maintained an exclusively African aesthetic in the web design over the years, the robust, colourful and bold nature of Africa, its music and dance culture inspire the design year after year.

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