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  • Brand Identity
  • Lead Designer
  • Web design (UX/UI)
  • Photography
  • Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Advertisement
  • Print Design

Priority Air Ambulance is Uganda’s premier first responder service launching in 2020.

I have had the pleasure of leading the full design of the brand identity, ecommerce website, user experience and marketing design. I manage a small team that includes a junior designer, front-end developer, outsourced backend developers, product owner and management. My role is to strategise the brand, emerge requirements, manage project progress in time various launch dates and craft the experience strategy.

Assessing The

Client Need and


As the lead designer, I initiated the co-creation with the client from the project start, surfacing brand vision and mission and using our brand development blueprint to identify key target groups, behaviour, motivators and insight that would affect the design outcomes.

Priority branding - logo
Priority air ambulance branding

Funneling Insight Into Brand Identity

Once we had the first insights from the co-creation to guide our branding process, we kicked off the creative exploratory phase. Here we worked alongside client and consumer to co-design, evaluate and test various identity design concepts until the final design direction was set. The next step was to mature the visual language and design the marketing suite.

Priority Air Ambulance branding

Human Factors in Brand Identity

We identified 3 main associations that the logotype, visual language, typefaces, color palette and tone of voice needed to convey to the target consumer.

  • Trust and Safety
  • Energy and Action
  • Clean and Neutral (Healthcare expertise)
Marketing pull up banners

Designing An eCommerce Website in an Agile environment.

Membership to the service will be sold through eCommerce website on subscription basis. We needed to securely store sensitive medical information in compliance with various laws such as HIPAA and GDPR. And  accommodate a growing number of members in the future as well as support various custom functionalities for different user roles. I managed the emerging requirements using a simple but agile process to build the product in time for frequent testing and launch. As the project manager and lead designer I am responsible for emerging the product requirements and functionality with the team, identify the components of the system and then bringing the many moving parts into one coherent end product. Designing architecture, look and feel, flows, prototypes and managing the communication and timescale in line with team and client launch goals.

I designed the website interface, onboarding, payment process, process of secure submission of personal data and more.

eCommerce website design
Air ambulance eCommerce website design

The on-boarding experience

A big part has been to design a seamless onboarding process for the members, from awareness and engagement, to purchasing a membership and the detailed sequence of payment, interaction, filling forms and secure submission of sensitive data until the point that membership is activated. I am working with a small but great team to support this effort and we keep overcoming many exciting challenges as we progress.

Website user journey

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

I worked with the team in designing the multi-level affiliate marketing blueprint for Priority Air ambulance. The service memberships may be sold by approved third parties. We designed a dedicated affiliate portal where they can track referrals and earnings and receive downloadable media packs and sales material through a simple User Interface. The affiliate can generate and share referrals URL and manage sub affiliates easily.

Affiliate marketing system
Brochure design
Brochure design

Secure Data Processing and Cost-effective Solutions For The Start-up

It has been important to keep in mind that this is a start up with need for cost-effective solutions. One challenge we successfully overcame was when we reached a road block of needing a secure server to store sensitive medical and personal information. The cost of developing a custom server and account area and the time would impact the project significantly. So we quickly set out to find alternative solutions. Soon we found a very cost effective solution that offers secure encrypted HIPAA compliant server at a small monthly cost. This slashed the cost by nearly 70%! Saving time and a lot of money for the client while retaining the quality of the solution.

Secure forms and HIPAA compliance

Data Visualisation and Infographics

I visualised a lot of data into infographics and clean engaging layouts to communicate how the service works to the end user. Because there is a lot of content, it has been key to keep all communications really simple, visual and engaging. I also have designed a complete suite of marketing collateral ranging from print material to presentation templates.

Data Visualization and Infographics

Tying It All Together With Growth-focussed Marketing.

Great brands do not live in a vacuum and the brand development process is evolutionary. While the service will officially launch in mid 2020, we are working to create a seamless user experience across all platforms. Visualising service blueprints, customer journeys to reveal key user touchpoints. And setting out to optimize the experience in those areas. These include social media, online environments and physical platforms. As the brand grows, I continue to provide this support until the service fully launches in 2020.

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