Icecream Shopify Website Design

Brand Personality and Visual Language

Our research revealed the key personality traits that would shape the brand story and visual language.

Conveying the heart, soul and core values of the brand through visual elements is key to capturing and motivating the target audience and uniquely positioning the business in a crowded market place.

We picked typefaces and a color palette that we felt strongly conveyed a  BOLD, EXCITING, EDGY and OPENHEARTED brand.

Make it easy to buy our ice cream online

We had a sweet challenge ahead of us – to make if easy to buy Rev’s handcrafted ice cream and additional products online in a seamless, flowing experience. So we got to work.

Website Design Process
Shopify Website Development
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Shopify Website Design

Every Brand Has Its Unique Flavour!

Revolution Ice-cream is known for crafting amazing unique flavours that makes them stand out – but also they are known for their spirit – bold, hospitable, slightly rebellious – I focussed on conveying this through the visual language. We explored all possible design directions in the ideation phase – In the end, we opted for a bold, youthful design direction that sort of ‘broke the rules’ fo what most icecream shops go for.

Shopify website design and development

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